The Switch

Ahhhhh! That’s better. Doesn’t it look and feel better already? While I imported all of the posts from LJ to here, some of the formatting got messed up so things might be a little wonky for a while before I get that sorted out. Please excuse the mess.

Some of you may be wondering how “mormon tea” became “mackerel economics.” Well, I’ll tell you. It all started when I tried to sign up for a WordPress blog under the name Mormon Tea, and found that the name had already been taken by this incompetent fool. As it happens, I recently read a Wall Street Journal article about prison economics. Specifically, it described how pouches of mackerel replaced packs of cigarettes as the prison currency of choice since smoking was banned in the US prison system in 2004. Since mackerel is largely undesirable as a comestible, inmates clandestinely trade mackeral pouches that were purchased from the commissary to receive legal counsel, specially prepared food, haircuts, cleaning services, pruno, or any other goods and services that might be on offer. Since I never really liked Mormon Tea to begin with, I think Mackerel Economics is a perfect, punny alternative.


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