Potent Quotables

In honour of the launch of the new blog, I’ve decided to introduce a new feature called Potent Quotables, which will be a quote or a short passage from something I’ve read that I found interesting at the time (if I still find it interesting, that’s a bonus). There won’t be any commentary or context provided, unless there’s something I really want to say about it, in which case it will cease to be a potent quotable. Here goes.

In the best of current debates [about transsexualism], the standard mode is one of relentless totalization. The most egregious example in this paper, Raymond’s stunning “All transsexuals rape women’s bodies” (what if she had said, e.g., “all blacks rape women’s bodies”), is no less totalizing than Kates’s “transsexuals…take on an exaggerated and stereotypical female role,” or Bolin’s “transsexuals try to forget their male history.” There are no subjects in these discourses, only homogenized, totalized objects–fractally replicating earlier histories of minority discourses in the large. So when I speak the forgotten word, it will perhaps wake memories of other debates. The word is some.

Sandy Stone, The Empire Strikes Back


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