McCain <3 Powell

According to Brad DeLong, John McCain admires Colin Powell more than any other person in the world. He thinks he is the most honest, credible, respected, honorable man in America. This is the same Colin Powell who helped cover up the My Lai massacre during the Vietnam War, helped keep Watergate under wraps, served as Caspar Weinberger’s senior military assistant during the IranContra weapons-for-hostages scheme, pushed George Bush to violate international law by invading Panama, and famously presented false evidence of WMDs to the UN Secutiry Council in 2003. And even though McCain has valorized Powell for many years, Powell still came out a few days ago as a supporter of Barack Obama. In the words of DeLong, “When the people you say you admire the most–people like John Lewis and Colin Powell–say that your campaign is a sleazy disgrace, it is time to hang it up and drop out.”


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