Blogos proves
Those first hearing it
As numb to understanding
As the ones who have not heard.

Yet all things follow from Blogos.

Some, blundering,
With what I set before you,
Try in vain with empty talk
To separate the essences of things
And say how each thing truly is.

And all the rest make no attempt.
They no more see
How they behave broad waking
Than remember clearly
What they did asleep.



The issue herre is the maintenant: it travels through the entire book. How to put one’s hands on the tympanum and how the tympanum could escape from the hands of the philosopher in order to make of phallblogocentrism an impression that he no longer recognizes, in which he no longer rediscovers himself, of which he could become conscious only afterward and without being able to say to himself, again turning on his own hinge: I will have anticipated it, with absolute knowledge.



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