I was riding my bike through an industrial part of town this summer, when I saw a guy in an alley who had dropped his motorbike and was struggling to pick it up. He was maybe in his late 30s, slightly overweight, and short. I rolled in and got off my bike to help him, when from somewhere behind me came a man in a full street bike outfit, complete with helmet and boots. He also proceeded to help pick up the bike. Just as we got the bike up, a slightly younger, well-coiffed and wealthier-looking man, who had been talking on his cell phone, came running down the alley with an angry expression on his face, and he started examining the side of the bike for scratches, as if it was his slightly-more-than-he-could-afford yuppie showpiece. No one said a word the whole time.

I left, and since then have been unable to come up with even a hypothetical explanation for this scenario.


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