From Crooked Timber comes this report of the average hotness ratings of various university departments, based on data collected from


Clearly, Women’s Studies is by far one of the ugliest departments in the university. As regrettable as that is, it brings me a great deal of consolation to know that we’re hotter than engineering, computer science and chemistry, where professors spend more time formulating their positivist drivel than they do working out and getting their hair coiffed. (Just kidding.)


2 responses to “Hotness

  1. journalism isn’t even on the hot scale.

  2. Oh my god…what the hell is “hotness” in this context? Geez…rate the hotness of the fast food outlets on campus at least that would make some remote sense and have a vague connection with the chili symbol…but departments?!…come on!! This is one of the stupidest rating systems students have some with yet…get a life!

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