Obama’s Blackberry

The New York Times article announcing Obama’s victory in the fight to keep his Blackberry contained this short exchange:

The news was disclosed by Mr. Gibbs at the first White House press briefing, on Thursday afternoon. Several questions about the presidential e-mail, however, were not addressed.

“What’s the address?” Major Garrett from Fox News asked Mr. Gibbs.

Mark Knoller from CBS Radio News said, “None-of-your-business.com.”

Knoller obviously confused “e-mail address” with “URL,” and presumably meant something more like “obama@none-of-your-business.com.”

Interestingly, the victory announced by the NYT is actually a defeat, because the Blackberry Obama is allowed to use is not the Blackberry he wanted to keep. It’s actually this one, known affectionately by some as The Brick:

Not only does he not get to keep his old email address, but all of his contacts have to be pre-approved and briefed by the White House before they can be added to the list. So the original impetus for keeping his Blackberry, which was based on a fear of “losing touch with the struggles that people are going through every day,” has categorically been overruled by the Secret Service. At least there’s still Twitter.


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