The Olympics are here

The Grauniad has a good summary of why many Vancouverites are anti-Olympics.

The Olympics are yet another painful example of a public-private partnership gone awry. Taxpayers have been surreptitiously soaked by private developers who’ve created a real-deal budget-buster for the city. Were it not for an emergency infusion of taxpayer money to cover cost overruns, the Olympic Village would be half built. The closer we get to the Olympics, the more people agree with [Am] Johal that “The Olympics are a corporate franchise that you buy with public money.”

Olympics protesters aren’t anti-sport, and they’re not against patriotism, they merely recognize that once a neat idea like the Olympics becomes an opportunity for corporate executives to make a lot of money, everything else that matters to regular people, like the arts, community, human rights, homelessness, privacy, free speech, etc., becomes a low priority for the people in power.


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