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Lens is more

I finished my pinhole camera today. I made it out of an old Pentax body I bought from Kerrisdale for cheap, plus a body cap with a hole drilled in it.

I poked a hole in a piece of aluminum can and taped it to the inside of the body cap so that the hole in the cap lined up with the pinhole.

Here's the lens. It clocked in at f/163.

I had done some previous experimentation with the pinhole before I bought the body cap:

All the dust is from the crappy scanner at SFU downtown. There are a couple more you can check out here. As you can see, I had some problems with exposure and sharpness, so I updated the new pinhole so that the aperture was the optimal diameter for my focal length. Apparently if the aperture is too small, the image starts getting less sharp because of refraction. Who knew?

As a side note, I'd like to thank Kate Beaton. I've never met her, but I was browsing through her hilarious comic strips when I was divinely inspired to open a Livejournal account.